Johannes Carow obtains doctoral degree

On December 5th 2023, our external doctoral student Johannes Carow successfully defended his thesis and obtained the doctoral degree. In his dissertation entitled “Essays on Corporate Boards and in Behavioural Economics”, he investigates the effects of female supervisory board members and also carries out methodological analyses on the two-way fixed-effects model for firm-level dependent variables which is frequently applied to managers or directors. A chapter from the field of behavioural economics where he analyses the effect of time pressure in chess on strategic risk-taking complements his thesis.

Johannes joined the JGU Mainz in 2011 via the program “Frühstudium” while still attending school. After starting as a regular student at JGU in 2015, he graduated from the Bachelor’s in Management and Economics in  2017  and from the JGU Master’s program in International Economics and Public Policy in 2019. Thereafter, he joined the Chair of Applied Statistics and Econometrics as a research and teaching assistant. In 2020, he started working for the “Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Landwirtschaft und Weinbau Rheinland-Pfalz” (MWVLW RLP) and continued his dissertation as an external doctoral student. We wish him all the best for the future.