Offical Statistics and Survey Methods – WiSe 23/24


Lecturer: Dr. Andreas Berg
ID Number: 6130 (Lecture), 6135 (Tutorial)
Contact Time: 2 SWS lecture and 2 SWS tutorial
Credit Points: 6 ECTS for master students

Tue, 17:45 - 19:15 (00 251 HS V)

Fri,   16:15 - 17:45 (00 211 HS I)

First Session: Tue, 31.10.2023
Language: English
Assessment: Term paper


The course covers the following topics:

  • Official statistics: General background
  • Registers in official statistics: Business register, dwelling register, register based census
  • Surveys in official statistics: Census, microcensus, Sample survey of Income and expenditure, survey of income tax, survey of earnings …
  •  Methodology sampling 1: Non-random sampling vs random, simple random sampling, quota sampling
  • Methodology sampling 2:  Stratification, Neyman-Tschuprov, Cluster-sampling, multi-stage sampling, other allocation algorithms
  • Estimation techniques: Horwitz-Thompson, GREG, small area estimation
  • Variance estimation: Concept of standard error and bias, bootstrapping, available software

Class material and handouts will be downloadable from the e-learning platform ILIAS.